New Release v1.4.0

We just released our latest package and there are some significant updates to our application that we're excited to share with you!

New Asset Configuration

We revamped our asset configuration screen, now presenting the asset hierarchy in a more user-friendly tree format. This update gave us the opportunity to add the long-awaited drag-and-drop feature, allowing you to effortlessly rearrange assets within your hierarchy. With our streamlined asset management system, you can confidently rename and move assets without risking any disruptions to the MES application or losing vital asset mode, state, item configuration, and event data. Plus, you can perform all these actions while the asset is actively running.

Asset Import/Export Utility

As we often now start a new client MES project using our container instances, we wanted a really easy way to move all the asset configuration between Ignition gateways. To simplify the process of transferring asset configurations, our senior developer Makai has developed a convenient utility that exports all asset configuration data into a JSON file which can then be imported to your target system. This highly anticipated feature enhances our ability to smoothly transfer configurations across different environments such as DEV, QA, DEMO, and containers.

Project Hawthorn

Our man in Manchester England, Darren, has finished up with Project Hawthorn which adds the Kanoa database schema creation and change management into the Kanoa modules. Simply install or update our Kanoa modules and all the database changes are handled in the background. We’ve been excited about getting this in place for a while. Thank you Darren!

Jason Coope

Jason started his career as an electrical and electronics engineer in the test and measurement field. He went on to obtain a bachelor's degree in software engineering from Anglia Ruskin University, a masters certificate in IS/IT Project Management from Villanova. Jason is a certified Lean Six Sigma practitioner and Project Management Professional. After 20 years of working in semiconductor, automotive, steel, and food and beverage industries, he co-founded Kanoa to provide comprehensive lean continuous improvement tools to the manufacturing industry. Kanoa provides the MES technology tools, training and consulting to help factories drive continuous improvement and digital transformation initiatives.


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