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Kanoa Ops

Kanoa Ops includes everything required for the day-to-day organization and operation of a manufacturing site, including classifying and organizing plant assets, defining products and materials, scheduling operators and shifts, and scheduling production runs and work orders. Evaluate and analyze team performance with OEE analysis and downtime tracking. 


Kanoa Quality

Kanoa Quality simplifies and digitizes the entire quality management process and provides a solution that makes it easy for users to define quality checks, prompts operators to complete required tests, and provides an intuitive interface for quality data collection. Analyze quality data in real-time with tolerance control and SPC charts, and make sure tests are being completed as-expected with efficacy analytics.


Leveraging the Power of Ignition

Kanoa MES Modules are built on and for Inductive Automation's Ignition platform. Our core Kanoa MES framework provides the fundamental elements required for a professional Manufacturing Execution System (MES) like security, multi-language support, and web service APIs. Our two modules, Kanoa Ops and Kanoa Quality, are built on this framework to add valuable feature-sets to our reliable and open software infrastructure.

Powered by Ignition

User and Security Management

Theming and Color Support

Multi-Language Support

English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Korean, and Chinese


MQTT, OPC-UA, SQL, and more

Perspective HTML-5

A web-based, responsive application design that works on a desktop, HMI, tablet, or smartphone

Web Service APIs

Connect with other information systems including ERP, PLM, QMS, WMS, and CMMS

Questions & Answers

Do I need to have Ignition to use Kanoa MES?

Yes. Kanoa's MES modules are built for and extend the Ignition platform.

Does Kanoa MES need its own Ignition server?

We recommend Kanoa MES run on its own Ignition server, but it is not a requirement. Running Kanoa MES on an existing Ignition system is a great way to get started with the software and get familiar with the platform. Kanoa generally recommends separating production-critical control systems like SCADA from data and analysis systems like Kanoa MES.

What Ignition modules are required to run Kanoa MES?

Kanoa MES is built for Ignition 8.1 and is a Perspective-only application. The Ignition Platform and Perspective module are required. Other Ignition modules may be required to satisfy other project requirements, like additional communication drivers or a tag historian.

What communication protocols does Kanoa MES support?

Kanoa MES can use any data that can get into Ignition. We recommend MQTT if and when possible.

What databases does Kanoa MES support?

Kanoa MES is designed to take advantage of the power of Microsoft SQL server, and that is the only database software we support at this time.

Do I need a database/SQL server to use Kanoa MES?

Yes. Kanoa MES does require a Microsoft SQL database. Our software can use an existing database, or we can help you buy additional database licenses to support Kanoa MES.


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