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Our Partnership Program

Friends of Kanoa

Our partners create a network of technologies, thought leaders, and solution providers to solve any manufacturing challenge.

4IR Solutions

4IR Solutions is the leading provider of Cloud-based Platform Solutions for Manufacturing to enable digitalization and embrace the Fourth Industrial Revolution. 4IR Solutions has created solutions that enable rapid adoption of Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies by manufacturers, system integrators and OEMs, while minimizing their capital expenditures and, more importantly, reducing the amount of time it takes to realize the value from those solutions. 

Expertise: Design Consultant, Cloud Infrastructure, AI Applications


Since inception, Artek has focused on three main objectives: building first-class industrial applications, providing the best customer service in the industry, and sharing knowledge to help empower the community. The team continues to grow, but these principles have remained the foundation in which everything is built upon. Collaborating with others to do great things in industrial automation is what we are truly passionate about.

Expertise: Systems Integrator, Design Consultant

Automation Station

David Rojas founded Automation Station over 15 years ago to help businesses leverage technology and improve their operations. Automation Station provides engineering, design and integration services using advanced technology and industry best practices. Today, Automation Station helps plants, manufacturers and businesses across the country utilize cutting edge technology to improve their bottom line. 

Expertise: Systems Integrator, Design Consultant
automation station

CAMPS - Center for Advanced Manufacturing Puget Sound

As a non-profit membership association, CAMPS is dedicated to the growth and prosperity of manufacturing in the region. It operates on the principles of collaboration, discovery, talent cultivation, and the active exchange of best practices. Kanoa's alignment with CAMPS stems from a shared vision to bolster the manufacturing industry through cutting-edge technology and continuous improvement strategies.

Expertise: Manufacturing Community Building

CanDoIt Solutions

CanDoIt Solutions excels in designing manufacturing solutions to bridge the crucial information gaps in your operations, enhancing visibility, reliability, and business intelligence. With an expertise spanning Automation (PLCs), SCADA, MES, ERP, and IoT, CanDoIt helps manufacturers to select and implement the most effective technology platforms with turn key solutions. Their commitment to crafting fit for purpose systems &  intelligent user interfaces ensures operators and management teams operate with clarity and efficiency.

Expertise: Systems Integrator, Design Consultant


CedarTech provides high-quality technical solutions to customers in Automotive, Food & Beverage, Mining, and beyond. Specializing in MES and Business Systems Integrations, our team has the expertise you need to bring your operation to modern standards and build a framework for the future.  We are certified partners of Inductive Automation and Canary Labs. ​

Expertise: Systems Integrator, Design Consultant


Turn data into action with Ectobox. Ectobox doesn’t stop at simply gathering basic machine data, they’re your long-term partner to help you create a truly flexible and scalable, evolving solution. Their team is there to help you clearly define business challenges and create a digital strategy even if this is day one. Because this isn’t a single project, data-driven manufacturing should change the way you operate daily. Ectobox will help you create an agile solution without getting vendor locked by using only open, flexible, and scalable technologies. Start small, think big. Solve short-term challenges, with the future in mind.

Expertise: Systems Integrator, Design Consultant

Fishbone Technical Services

Fishbone Technical is a consulting firm focused on our clients, their needs, great communication, and just helping others. We represent our clients in an Engineering and Logistical capacity to plan, organize, and execute. With our experience in Line Optimization, Continuous Improvement, Capital Projects, and Project Management we aim to make a positive and lasting impact with every engagement. We’re here to help.

Expertise: Systems Integrator, Design Consultant


Grantek is a system integrator and solution provider with a specialization in Manufacturing IT solutions, Manufacturing Automation solutions, Industrial Safety solutions and Manufacturing Consulting services. Since 1980, Grantek has been enabling higher return on investment to our clients by creating better processes and solutions for them, including packaging solutions, control systems design, MES implementation, electrical design, and more. With over 180 employees, Grantek has offices located in British Columbia, California, Illinois, Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Ontario and Quebec. 

Expertise: Systems Integrator, Design Consultant


mode40 is a team of solution experts who partners closely with manufacturing companies to guide them through the transformative journey of Industry 4.0 digitalization. Their tailored approach revolves around securing tangible returns on investment, underscoring their commitment to sustainable growth for businesses. Leveraging their experience within IT/OT convergence and cutting-edge IIoT, they empower organizations to embrace the realm of Smart Manufacturing. mode40 strategically employs shopfloor telemetry and networking technology, integrating legacy systems for enhanced business visibility across all levels, from the shop floor to the executive office.

Expertise: Industry 4.0 Consultant, Systems Integrator, Design Consultant

Qanare Engineering

Qanare Engineering, a pioneer in Controls and SCADA Solutions, specializes in automated control systems and SCADA Solutions based on Inductive Automation's Ignition Platform. With a decade of experience, Qanare has fostered efficient, result-driven relationships worldwide, aiding companies in their digital transformation journeys. Their expertise spans MES, Electrical Control, Industrial Network Layout, and Plant Production Monitoring Solutions.

Expertise: Systems Integrator, Design Consultant

Working Systems

Working systems was founded in 2023 by Huck Bales. The mission of Working Systems is to help people accomplish operational objectives by defining and implementing intuitive systems and interfaces. Working Systems provides consulting services to manufacturing and commercial clients to develop and enhance software systems that manage and optimize operations. Huck has extensive experience working with people to define and develop technology solutions in operations including IIOT, MES, MOM, recipe management, enterprise integration, and OEM interface. Huck brings a pragmatic approach to getting results.

Expertise: Systems Integrator, Design Consultant




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