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What is Kanoa Quality?

Kanoa Quality transforms how manufacturing teams define, collect, and use quality data to achieve compliance and improve performance.

Improving product quality directly improves manufacturing process efficiency. Every poor-quality product is wasted time, energy, and material to make something that cannot actually be sold.  

Kanoa Quality simplifies and digitizes the entire quality management process and provides a solution that makes it easy for users to define their required quality checks, prompt operators to complete required tests, and analyze quality data in real-time.

Kanoa Quality is designed to provide practical value every day: simplifying processes, digitizing data collection, and delivering actionable insights so your teams can take action and influence change.

Drive Operational Excellence

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What is Kanoa Ops?

Understand how your plant is performing and where to focus continuous improvement efforts. Kanoa Ops includes everything required for the day-to-day organization and operation of a manufacturing site and tracks performance, OEE, and downtime to provide production insights and analytics.

Optimize Operations

Understand how different teams, assets, and products affect manufacturing efficiency.

Downtime Analysis

Analyze top downtime reasons and their impacts on operational performance.

Eliminate Non-Value-Add Work

Reduce manual labor of scheduling, coordinating work orders, and manual data entry.

How it works

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Define Assets

For Kanoa Ops to provide valuable insights for your plant, it is important to define your unique assets, products, and processes.

Kanoa Ops provides interfaces for qualified users to define your plant's:

  • Equipment and assets, organized based on the ISA-95 Equipment Model
  • Products and materials, including baseline parameters for each
  • Equipment modes and states
  • Shift schedules
Plant configuration is done entirely in-app, so qualified users with the proper permissions can make changes without extensive training or software expertise.

Connect Data

Kanoa Ops supports a variety of data connectivity options, making an extensible system that can grow to collect more data from more systems as adoption increases and requirements evolve.

Machine Performance and OEE data can be collected via PLCs and automation equipment through Ignition's built-in OPC server or Industry 4.0 protocols like MQTT.

Web APIs allow Kanoa Ops to access business systems like ERP to automatically download material specifications and production schedules.

When automatic data collection is not an option, Kanoa Ops provides manual entry solutions so that every single asset can be accounted for.

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Schedule Work

Leverage Kanoa Ops and Ignition's Web Services modules to connect to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems for material scheduling data.

Tie Kanoa Ops scheduling directly into ERP scheduling for a seamless integration; or pull work orders from ERP and do Detailed Operational Scheduling at the plant-level.

Kanoa Ops also provides an interface for managing shift and crew schedules for additional data context. Kanoa Ops supports complex shift rotation patterns to reduce the manual work required to keep the system up-to-date.

Analyze Performance

What good is all this data if you aren't going to use it?!

Kanoa Ops comes with the following reports and dashboards built-in, which can all be analyzed by Work Order, Shift, Time, Asset, or Item:

  • Summary Dashboard
  • OEE
  • Downtime
  • Reliability KPIs
  • Production Counts
  • Run Performance
  • Line Operation


Configure In-App

Configure assets, states, work orders, production rates, and more directly in the application. No code required.


Production analytics including OEE and Downtime analysis

Work Orders

Work Order management and scheduling. In-app or connected to your ERP.

Operations Scheduling

Schedule planned downtime and productive time

Shift and crew scheduling

Including recurrence rules and complex shift rotation patterns

ISA-95 Inspired

ISA-95-inspired, but not restricted, asset hierarchy with multi-enterprise & multi-site support

Integrate with Business Systems

ERP, SCM, and Data Lakes

Product and Material Management

Configure products and their ideal rates per machine


Interfaces to collect data from automation equipment, databases, or manual entry


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