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Kanoa MES

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Manufacturing software to empower teams and drive continuous improvement

Streamline digital transformation with Kanoa MES solutions. Kanoa MES is a powerful suite of Smart Manufacturing tools powered by Inductive Automation's Ignition platform. Kanoa's solutions are designed to provide your factory with new production management, analysis, and control tools that provide value from Day 1 and continue to grow with your team and your business. Each Kanoa MES solution starts with three parts: the Kanoa MES Modules, the Kanoa MES Accelerator Project for Ignition, and the Kanoa MES database.

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Kanoa MES Modules for Ignition

The Kanoa MES Modules for Ignition extend Ignition by adding over 250 system functions: empowering Ignition apps and components to work with the Kanoa MES Database. There are three Kanoa MES Modules: Kanoa Core, Kanoa Ops, and Kanoa Quality.

Kanoa MES Accelerator Project for Ignition

Start every MES initiative on the right foot with Kanoa's MES Ignition project! Kanoa MES configuration, operation, and analysis all happens in the Ignition project. You can extend and expand that application to fit your manufacturing environment and requirements with the power of Ignition!

Kanoa MES Database

The Kanoa MES Database is optimized for fast and efficient manufacturing data storage and analysis. Developers can leverage provided Stored Procedures and View Tables to access data, pull data into Ignition via the Kanoa Module System Functions, or write their own queries from scratch.

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